Hometown Meats is a Hometown Institution

Owners Rob and Robin Reitberger believe in two things: tasty meats and a strong community.

Several years ago, Inver Grove Heights native Rob Reitberger was a man on a mission: He wanted to cook a half ham on the grill. 

Reitberger and his wife, Robin, scoured the area in search of a half ham, but came up empty handed. It was then that the couple decided to open up a butcher shop.

“We just felt that Inver Grove Heights needed something like this,” said Rob.

Rob, a former grocery store manager with over 20 years of retail experience, opened in August 2008. The shop boasts a butcher with decades of experience and a staff of close family friends.

The Reitberger’s also offer a wide variety of high quality products. The chicken is entirely antibiotic- and hormone-free and they carry all-natural pork and beef whenever possible. Six months ago the shop installed a smokehouse and they now cure sausage, beef sticks, jerky and venison on-site. They also sell gummy bear brats for the more adventurous customers.

Hometown Meats is doing a brisk business. In 2010, they sold approximately 2,500 pounds of brats between April and September alone.

“Our customers that we have are just fantastic and they’re really loyal to us,” said Rob.

The Reitberger’s are equally loyal to the Inver Grove Heights community. Since opening, they have sold hotdogs to for football and volleyball games at a reduced price. Hometown Meats also participated in the first annual , a fundraiser for the program.

“That’s just really an important thing — trying to give back a sense of community to the kids,” said Robin.

Between their efforts to strengthen the Inver Grove Heights community and the success of their business, Rob and Robin Reitberger have established that Hometown Meats is a hometown institution.

Editor's Note: Each month, Inver Grove Heights Patch asks the owners of a well-established local business what makes them successful. We publish their answers in our regular feature, "Secrets to Success."


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