Old World Pizza Yields Best-Tasting Leftovers in Twin Cities, Minnesota Monthly Says

Minnesota Monthly magazine named Old World Pizza as one of the 12 best old school pizzerias in the Twin Cities.

Pizza Man may have edged out Old World in Patch's poll of the best Northern Dakota County pizza parlor, but Old World can now boast the title of best leftover pizza in the Twin Cities.

Minnesota Monthly magazine named the 5816 Blaine Avenue business as one of the 12 best old school pizzerias in the Twin Cities:

Bacon on pizza is a no-brainer, but Old World’s genius was to cover the salty meat bits in fresh diced tomatoes and crisp iceberg lettuce. This BLT ’za doesn’t reheat well, but is one of the rare pizzas that tastes just as good cold as it does straight from the oven.

Have you had Old World leftovers? Do you agree? Tell us in the comment section.

Al Tate February 26, 2013 at 03:31 PM
The fact that Pizza Man is even in the same story as Old World is a complete disgrace and joke. Pizza Man is no where near as good of pizza as Old World. In fact, it's not even the top three best pizza place in IGH. It goes Old World, carbone's and Turrito's before Pizza Man. The Patch voting system during that contest was flawed. All one had to do was clean the cache on their computer to vote over and over for the same place. There is no one in their right mind that believes Pizza Man is better than Old World. And, there are better pizza places outside of IGH in Northern Dakota County that are better than Pizza Man. Old World is the best and nothing else matters.


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