Parents Talk: Teens Behaving Badly

We don't teach our kids to hang dolls at school or act in a way that gets them suspended from sports. So why are they doing it?

Bad teen behavior has been a recent hot topic in the news. 

Several players from the Maple Grove Senior High boys' hockey team were suspended from play for several games. 

The suspensions involved 13 players for at least two games, some facing four-game suspensions beginning Jan. 17 for an "off-campus incident." The nature of the incident has not been disclosed by the school district. 

Students and staff at Minneapolis Washburn High School are under fire for an incident this month in which teens hung a dark-skinned doll. The district's superintendent said she plans to review the social studies curriculum to make sure students understand historic implications of such actions.

Why do our children sometimes act in ways we don't understand? What is going on with these recent acts by teens in Minnesota? Share your thoughts below.

Eli Kaplan January 25, 2013 at 01:31 PM
Parents need to look into themselves to see if any of their actions or comments subtle or otherwise may be prejudicial. Discussions about race and prejudice should be held in the home.. It is my belief that if your kids are taught about these subjects in the home they would know right from wrong. Look at some parents behavior at their kids sports events. These are some of the unspoken subtle forms of prejudice.
Rita V January 25, 2013 at 04:43 PM
I do daycare and can tell you one thing I know for certain... It all starts at home with discipline, boundaries, rules and being consistent while your child is young. If a parent doesn't stay consistent, they inadvertantly give the child all the power. Parents do not want to 'deal with power struggles', but if you do not take the power back now, it will be almost impossible to take it back during the teenage years. Children need boundaries and rules; and actually thrive and are much happier having them. Another issue is that the teenagers today seem more entitled than any generation seen before. They have too many technologies and are not working hard for things as teenagers in the past have had to do. Put this all together and then you may have disaster waiting to happen. And I disagree, teens are not stupid! They make bad choices based on life experiences! It is up to the parents to talk about racism, prejudices while they are still young. Give them experiences! Let them help in the community, in soup kitchens, cleaning ditches, etc... It will be a humbling experience and something they can take some pride away with.
Kate Rivard January 25, 2013 at 05:30 PM
Rita, I am learning that some teens go ahead and damage property because they feel they have the upper hand. Completely agree with you that boys, girls, and their parents might see these as "stupid" acts, but the mentality and behavior continue.
Jonah January 26, 2013 at 01:24 AM
Hockey players that I have known all my life do stupid things. They start out stupid and after many knocks to the head, they are even more incapable of using good judgment. No surprise there in Maple Grove nor anywhere else for that matter regarding these Neanderthals AND their parents.
Mary January 30, 2013 at 07:34 PM
Jonah, Please do not lump all hockey players into the "Neanderthal" group. My son has been a hockey player since he was 5, I know the type of players and parents your are talking about but it is not all in fact it is a small group overall that behave badly. However that being said, I do not agree with the way the Maple Grove situation is being handled. This is not just a "boys being boys" situation. If what they are saying in the media is true, this is the most unacceptable situation I could think of and as a parent my son would not see the ice (or the light of day) for a very long time even if he was just "watching". But what is most concerning to me is the fact that it sounds like this is something that has happened before. Nobody, I don't care who you are, should ever think something like this is ok. Why has this not been stopped before. How has this affected the girls they have used and abused. It makes me sick to think that there are actually adults out there who thinks this "isn't that bad" that kids make mistakes...I was a kid once, I never knew anyone who would have done anything like this and I was a part of the high school hockey program in the 80's. Schools and parents need to step it up and make consequences on these kinds of activities much tougher. Sorry about the soap box I am on, just really hate what is going on!


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