BLOG: Top Five Reasons to 'Just Say No' to Re-electing My DFL Opponent on Nov. 6

candidate for Minnesota House 52b goes on the record...

As a resident of Inver Grove Heights, I receive a lot of ‘Legislative Updates’ from my opponent. They are filled with 'information' on what a great job he is doing and why you should continue to elect him in perpetuity.

Honestly, I have grown tired of the self-aggrandizing nature of his message. I have grown tired of the endless top ten lists of why he is the ‘most bi-partisan legislator’ in the Minnesota House. And I have grown tired of the endless ‘polls’, which he quite often ignores, as in the case of the government shutdown back pay issue.

But, in the spirit of the past decade of said ‘Top Ten’ lists, I offer up my own list for you to ponder in the final week before the election. As a conservative, I don’t need a top ten list to make my point when five will do just fine.

My Top Five Reasons to Just Say No to Joe this Nov. 6:

1) Just Say No to Career Politicians. Our government was set up to have citizen legislators represent the people. When a politician decides to make a career out of being an elected official, re-election, campaign donations, special interests and lobbyists begin to take up their time and attention. A legislator with power and influence can quickly cease being the servant and instead becomes the master.

2) Just Say No to More and More Legislation. My opponent passes an inordinate amount of legislation that benefits trial lawyers. We don’t need more laws to ‘fix’ things. We have mountains of them now. My opponent claims his ‘Cigarette Fire Safety Bill’ saves lives. An Oct. 24 article in the Eagan Patch stated “In the last six months, Eagan firefighters have responded to eight patio fires—seven of which were caused by lit cigarettes that were improperly disposed of." You cannot legislate common sense and ‘fire safe’ cigarettes still burn down houses.

3) Just Say No to More State Debt. The State of Minnesota had a debt of about $5.6 billion dollars in 2001. Our current state debt is an estimated $12.62 billion and our incumbent representative voted YES, Omnibus Bonding Bill after bonding bill to increase it. The total Minnesota State Debt per man, woman and child is $12,946.99. We can no longer afford Billion Dollar Bonding Bills, loaded with special interest projects, benefiting a few, but at the expense of every Minnesotan.

4) Just Say No to Unethical Government Spending. The role of government is limited to protecting life, liberty, and property. My opponent has voted repeatedly for using tax dollars to fund the killing of the unborn and has been endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota for his tireless work ensuring that your tax dollars are used to end life instead of protect it.

5) Just Say No to Nanny State Government. Joe Atkins believes that government is here to protect us from ourselves. In just the past six years he has introduced 208 different bills and is one of the state’s most prolific sources of potential new laws and regulations. Thankfully, most never saw the light of day.

People have a choice between someone who is looking for the next bill to introduce which will grow the size and reach of government or someone who understands that every thing, idea, thought and action cannot and should not be taxed or regulated.

Ronald Reagan once said, “Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves.”

Finding ways to cut government waste and bureaucracy is what conservatism is all about. It’s time we start limiting the power and scope of government instead of expanding it. It is imperative that your representative understands that when they vote on the state’s budget, they are spending your money.

As your representative, I will fight for your personal liberty, and your freedom to prosper. Because, when we live free, we live better.

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Pat November 01, 2012 at 01:24 AM
This reminded me about something I read about Joe Atkins use of campaign donations a few years back. So I dug up the blog: http://jungbauer2010.blogspot.com/2009/03/joe-atkins-unethical-abuse-of-campaign.html?m=1 I wonder how his campaign donors feel about the cavalier way he throws their hard earned money around? Turns my stomach.
Peter November 02, 2012 at 04:25 PM
Joe - thank you for a common sense response to the attacks from your opponent.
Norann Dillon November 02, 2012 at 05:40 PM
I hate to be Debbie Downer, but the state's debt picture is more like $25bn ($2bn in school shift, $8bn in bonding, $15bn in unfunded pension liabilities). But I commend Paul for being aware that the state has a debt problem (balance sheet) in addition to its spending problem (cash flow). We need more candidates like Paul who are aware of and willing to tackle the tough issues for the long term, not paper over them until the next election. http://www.noranndillon.com/thoughts-on-borrowing
Dani November 04, 2012 at 10:43 PM
Joe, you're my new favorite person. Paul, lol.
Dani November 04, 2012 at 10:48 PM
Stop talking. Joe does good things for our community. At least Joe doesn't attack his opponents when he's scared to lose. Paul on the other hand, does. Attacking Joe's Catholic faith? COME ON. Honestly, so rude, and pathetic. When my dog was attacked by another dog last year, who was there to help us deal with an unresponsible owner? Joe was. So when saying Joe's a career politician? Just be quiet. You are obvlivious as to seeing how much GOOD things Joe has done. And how good of a person Joe is. Oh well. Paul will never get my vote. Maybe if he wasn't so rude I'd consider voting for him. Oh wait... nope. Never would.


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