BLOG: What Does the Taxpayers League of Minnesota Have to Say About Your State Representative?

candidate for Minnesota House 52B goes on the record...

In my blog post yesterday Why is Joe Atkins Wrong on Taxes?, I challenged the voters of Inver Grove Heights to do a little research and to make an informed vote on November 6th when I said:

“When Joe Atkins tells you he supports small businesses and keeping your property taxes low, you should look to see if his rhetoric matches his record.”

I want to continue to look at Representative Atkins’s record on taxes again today. I am not the only one who is paying attention to Joe’s voting record.

The Taxpayers League of Minnesota looks at each Minnesota legislators voting record each session and puts together a scorecard for you. Joe received a 0% rating from them in 2012 and 2011. He earned a 7% in 2010 and holds an 8% lifetime rating. But don’t take my word for it, please take a look at Joe’s annual scorecards here: http://www.taxpayersleague.org/scorecards.html.

In 2011, Joe voted against HF20 which provided direct tax relief for homeowners, farms and small businesses. Why doesn’t Joe trust you with your own money?

I believe we need a Representative who will actually stand up for you, the taxpayer. We need government off our backs so the economy can grow.

The Taxpayers League rating is a record Joe doesn’t want you to know about. When someone represents themselves as a fiscal conservative, they must put their vote where their mouth is. A true representative fights to keep government out of your wallet.

When government continues to grow year after year, it needs to be fed—with your hard-earned money. As your Representative I will put government on a much needed diet.

When government learns to live within its means, ‘We the People’ are freer. Don’t throw your vote away on November 6 by continuing to believe in empty promises, and poor performance. When we have lower taxes, we have more freedom. 

We live better when we live free. 

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Jeff Roberts October 07, 2012 at 04:37 AM
OK folks, here's a tip. Relax. For those of you who accused Patch of "moderating" this discussion by not publishing comments, relax. For those who ordered Patch to "get this site up and running," relax. The settings to allow comments for today were just incorrect. There are greater tragedies.
Pat October 07, 2012 at 05:06 AM
Interesting. Things were "correctly" set at 9:18 this morning. And then they were changed to be "incorrectly" set for the rest of the day?
Jeff Roberts October 07, 2012 at 03:29 PM
You really want to go down this path, Pat? Not that I need to justify it but here's the situation. At 9:18 yesterday morning I was sitting at my computer and manually approved the comments. Then, considering it was Saturday and I had several things I wanted to do, I set the comments to auto-approve for the rest of the day. That setting didn't take. Simple as that. Anything else you'd like me to explain to you about how Patch works or the content management system we use? I thought so. Keep your comments to the stories. I'll handle the website.
Jeff, surely you understand why this comment issue has taken criticism. Joe attempted to discredit this blog and his incorrect "correction" spend 14 hours as the only comment showing on the blog. Readers who saw the blog, which was featured all day at the top of the IGH Patch, came to believe that Paul's blog were led to believe that Representative Atkins had "caught him" in a mistake or even a flat-out lie. While, as you said, there are "greater tragedies," Paul and his volunteers are working tirelessly on the campaign. I appreciate that it is not your job to worry about getting candidates elected, but you please understand the implications that every public discussion - even this blog - has on the election.
Jeff Roberts October 07, 2012 at 06:22 PM
Fair enough, Nick.


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