19 of the Strangest Minnesota Crimes of 2013

With sex toys, racing pigeons, naked burglaries and more, the past year had some crazy moments.

This past year had a little bit of the odd, the weird and the criminally stupid. As Patch looks back at 2013, we pause and peek at the craziness recounted in local police reports and published on sites across the Twin Cities.


Bar Incident: ‘I’m Rich, You’re Poor’

After his credit card was declined, an Edina man jumped over the railing of the Wild Bill’s patio and while being held on the ground yelled, “I’m rich, you’re poor.”


Naked SLP Man Charged With Using Sex Toy on Picnic Table

A St. Louis Park man with a history of indecent exposure is charged with using a sex toy on himself atop a picnic table at the St. Louis Park Brush Collection Facility.


Man Claiming to be Katy Perry’s Husband and a ‘St. Police Prodigy’ Arrested at Knollwood Mall

A St. Paul man who claimed to be married to Katy Perry was asked to leave Knollwood Mall after threatening to hit customers in T.J. Maxx, washing his hair in the sink of the Regis Salon and telling security he was a St. Paul police officer.


Police Pursue Naked Intruder in Richfield

Richfield police officers responded to a report of a naked male on the 7400 block of Aldrich Avenue after a woman reported she had discovered an intruder masturbating over her in her bedroom.


Hopkins High School Cheerleader Charged with Prostituting Teammate

An 18-year-old Maple Grove woman, a senior on the Hopkins High School cheerleading team, is accused of trafficking a 16-year-old Hopkins cheerleader by placing an ad on Backpage.com and convincing her to prostitute herself.


Maple Grove Teen Gets Unusual Sentence For Role In Heroin Death

A 19-year-old from Maple Grove will pay the price for supplying heroin to another Maple Grove teen who overdosed and died. Katelyn Dreyling will spend the day in jail on the anniversary of Andrew Scheig's March 4, 2013, death for the next 10 years as part of her sentence.


Confessed Church-Egger: 'I Am Definitely against Gay Marriage'

Lonny Roseland lives within a half-mile of the Maple Grove church he vandalized, Pilgrims United Church of Christ, according to Fox 9.


Man Pleads Guilty to Groping Women at Store Parking Lots

The 20-year-old has pleaded guilty to groping women in the parking lot of Cub Foods in Stillwater.


Nude Man Running, Polished Thief, Popcorn Pitching: Oakdale Police Blotter

Selected calls to the Oakdale Police Department from March 21-27.


Hill-Murray Football Coach Arrested in Fridley Prostitution Sting

Fridley police arrested Hill-Murray high school head varsity football coach Mark Mauer for soliciting prostitution. Mauer was one of 19 men charged with misdemeanors during a two-day police operation at a Fridley hotel.


Woodbury Man Accused of Burglary in the Buff

He also answered the door naked when officers arrived and said, "I've been waiting for you," according to the criminal complaint.


Woodbury Police: Man Drinks Own Urine Sample

After providing a urine sample for police at the Washington County Jail, he drank it. “Without gagging,” said Woodbury Public Safety spokeswoman Michelle Okada.


Dumb Criminal: It’s Wise to Always Carry Cab Fare

If you have active arrest warrants out for you, it is probably not a good idea to attract the attention of police by trying to skip out on a cab fare.


Overzealous Application of Windex Leads to Arrest for Car Theft

A neighbor called police after seeing the man act strangely as he cleaned his car.


St. Paul Man Sentenced for Disappearance of Racing Pigeons

One Twin Cities man is paying the price for pinching 20 racing pigeons from a backyard coop in Eagan.


Silver-Haired, Super-Strengthened Plant Nabber Hits Local Brewery

A security camera caught an avid gardener full-handed. But she wasn't stealing beer.

Man Gobbles $50 in Cookies at Cub, Tries to Leave Without Paying

The man told Stillwater police he has been battling an eating disorder for about a year that causes him to “binge and purge” and that is the reason “for consuming the large quantities of bakery goods in the store.”

Woodbury Woman Sent to Detox After Taking a Bike Ride in Her Underwear

The woman told police she had been riding her bike through the area, and made some comments to mothers in the area, “possibly calling the apartment complex a ghetto.”

5-Foot Long Boa Constrictor Removed from Deck of Stillwater Home

Paul Kiolbasa stepped out onto his deck at about 5 a.m. Wednesday, Stillwater Police Officer Ryan Mitchell said. It was still dark out, so he thought he saw a he saw a wet towel, robe or a stick. It was none of the above.





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