Inver Grove Heights Woman Charged With Stealing Purse, Using Credit Card

Police say a couple used someone else's credit card to purchase almost $1,000 in jeans and Coach purses.

An Inver Grove Heights woman and her boyfriend have been charged with stealing a purse from a vehicle at Ridgedale Center and then using the victim's credit card to buy almost $1,000 worth of jeans and Coach purses.

Erica Lynn Donovan, 24, of Inver Grove Heights, and Dean Bradley Pehl, 46 of Vadnais Heights, were both charged with two felony counts: financial transaction card fraud and possession of burglary tools.

On Feb. 4, Minnetonka Police were informed that an SUV window had been broken near Cedar Lake Road and Creek Road. An observer told police she saw a suspicious-looking man and woman in a rusty red van near the SUV. When she returned to her vehicle, she saw that a window had been broken. The owner of the SUV came to the scene and reported that her purse, containing several credit cards, had been stolen.

Officers headed to nearby Ridgedale and found that one of the credit cards had been used at Macy's to purchase a pair of jeans and Coach purses in the amount of $985.

Officers say they found Donovan hiding in a mall bathroom and she told them she had ditched the stuff she bought as well as the purse. Officers found Pehl sleeping in the van in the mall parking lot. Both people were arrested.

When the van was searched, officers found a large flathead screwdriver and a medical card belonging to the purse's owner.

Diane Baum February 16, 2013 at 01:02 PM
In MN, there is a law that says if you start your car, then leave it running unattended, it is YOUR fault. In many cities, to do so can get your car towed from you if the police catch you doing it. In this case, the same principal should apply. Why in the name of God would you leave a purse full of credit cards in the car? I mean....WHY? It is just begging to be stolen! I know...personal property and respect of same...but it is NOT a safe world out there! PEOPLE! use the common sense that God gave you. I feel no remorse for folks like this. Even at stores, I see a purse wide open in store carts and nobody in sight...the owner of said purse is two aisles away pricing laundry soap. Common sense---it really is NOT so common anymore. and as for the crooks...to stay at the scene of a crime after you did it was plain stupid. You wanted to get caught....didn't ya?


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