Brodkorb, Named in Amy Koch Affair, Sues Minnesota Senate

The aide fired after an affair with Senate Majority Leader and St. Michael area Sen. Amy Koch is suing the Minnesota Senate.

Nearly 10 months after the story broke of his alleged affair–now confirmed–with Buffalo native and former Sen. Amy Koch, aide Michael Brodkorb is suing the Minnesota Senate. 

The senior staffer, a direct report to then-Sen. Majority Leader Koch, filed the suit late Monday. 

According to the Associated Press, Brodkorb is seeking damages, stating in his lawsuit he was treated unfairly and discriminated against because female employees involved in similar relationships didn't lose their jobs.

Brodkorb, 38, was fired in December 2011.

Koch stepped down from her role as majority leader, under pressure from her peers. Later, she decided she would not run for Senate in what is now District 29. 

Her longtime colleague, former Rep. Bruce Anderson, a fellow Republican from Buffalo, will attempt to replace her. 

Koch, for her part in the affair, issued an apology in late 2011. 

"I have made some mistakes and errors in judgment for which I am deeply sorry by engaging in a relationship with a Senate staffer. While I have not violated any laws or Senate rules, nor misused any state funds or property, I want to express my deep regret and apologies to my constituents, the Republican party, my fellow legislators, friends and most importantly, my family. I regret more than words can express the hurt that I have caused to the people that I love, and to those who have worked and served with me over the past years."

Since then, Koch, who lost her mother to breast cancer in June, said she is "making progress" and taking things day by day. Her attorney, well-known councilor Ron Rosenbaum, said Koch will testify at any proceedings. 

Brodkorb has shown little to no regret for his action, his legal counsel telling Minnesota media he could disarm the senate with news of "multiple affairs" between female staffers who were not dismissed and male State Senators.  

The Senate has reported the impending suit has already cost the state more than $85,000 in legal costs and research. 


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