Letter to the Editor: Paul Hark is Offering 'Specific, Common Sense Ideas'

"Paul Hark truly represents new ideas and a fresh perspective," Leick writes


Dear Editor:

I am writing to support Paul Hark for Inver Grove Heights City Council. 

I have known Paul for over 12 years and know of the good work he has done serving on the IGH Planning Commission.

What impresses me about Paul Hark is the fact that he appears to be the only candidate offering specific, common sense ideas to make IGH city government more accessible to local residents. Here are a few ideas that Paul Hark has offered—most of which I read about on the Patch:

  • Allowing small businesses the opportunity to promote themselves in front of the city council;
  • Establishing customer service standards to ensure everyone doing business at city hall receives consistent first-class customer service;
  • Improve the use of technology at City Hall so conducting business at City Hall is easy and efficient;
  • Establish periodic “traveling” city council meeting to bring city government to the neighborhoods and make it easier to participate; and
  • His promise to not serve more than two terms.

These ideas are not complex or even remotely complicated. In fact they are very basic—which is exactly why they are so refreshing to read about.

Paul understands that you don’t have to spend piles of money to make IGH better than it already is.

Paul Hark truly represents new ideas and a fresh perspective.  Please join me in voting for Paul Hark for IGH City Council


David Leick
8377 Claymore Court, IGH

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