Letter to the Editor: Tom Bartholomew is Committed to Controlling Spending Without Sacrificing Services

Former IGH mayor Vance Grannis, Jr. says Bartholomew has extensive knowledge of the issues facing the city.


Dear Editor: 

Inver Grove Heights is fortunate to have four very good candidates for city council. However, only two of them will be elected on Nov. 6, 2012.

It is great to have an election where you can vote “for” a candidate rather than for the “lesser of two evils” or against some other candidate. I urge voters to include Tom Bartholomew as one of your choices for city council.

Over the years I have served on City Task Forces with Tom and have had an opportunity to observe first hand his leadership, professionalism and careful consideration of various city issues.

Tom is committed to controlling spending without sacrificing funding for essential city services. Tom not only has proven experience in the private sector, but he also has extensive knowledge of the issues facing the city from his nine years on the Planning Commission.

Many people have commented to me that Tom does an excellent and fair job of chairing the Planning Commission. I have personally observed how well Tom does in running an orderly meeting as Planning Commission chair.

Be sure to cast one of your city council votes for Tom Bartholomew. He will make an excellent councilman.

Vance B. Grannis, Jr.
Former Inver Grove Heights Mayor


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