Obermueller: Kline Has Forgotten Who He Was Elected to Serve

Congressman John Kline came under fire again today after attending a private GOP fundraiser.

U.S. Congressman John Kline was called out today by challenger Mike Obermueller after Kline spoke at a private fundraiser for the Minnesota Elephant Club Wednesday afternoon.

Kline tweeted around 1 p.m. Wednesday that he was "honored" to visit with the Minnesota Elephant Club as it discussed the possibility of a GOP victory on Nov. 6.  

“Congressman Kline needs to spend less time serving just the Republican party,” Obermueller said in a prepared statement Wednesday evening. 

The Congressman has come under fire recently for what Obermueller calls dodging debates and refusing to talk about the issues.

Obermueller continued: “Why is it that Congressman Kline doesn’t have time to debate the issues, but has plenty of time to attend private fundraisers with big donors? After 10 years in Washington, it seems like Congressman Kline has forgotten who he was elected to serve. Minnesotans shouldn’t have to write a check to hear from their Representative.”   

Kline and Obermueller are battling for the seat in Minnesota's Congressional District 2

smitty October 11, 2012 at 02:31 PM
Kline is extremely partisan. Never has time for constituents with whom he has differences -- is very dismissive and sometimes downright hostile. Not Minnesota nice, but he keeps under the radar so that he can keep getting elected.
jeff clark October 11, 2012 at 09:04 PM
I totally agree with Smitty. I find Kline to be the worst kind of politician. He just gives lip service to his constituents with his "town meetings", and has absolutely no capability to look at an issue objectively without bringing in a partisan platform. Come on District 2, start using your brains. We need a Thinking Person's representative for a change.


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