Rookie Candidate Thankful for Sore Knuckles, a Few Mean Dogs & Many Nice People

"I met so many nice people over the last two and half months that, win or lose, it has been a very positive experience," Hark said.


Inver Grove Heights City Council candidate Paul Hark's efforts to meet as many voters as possible reached a milestone last week—he has knocked on more than 1500 doors since Aug. 1. 

Actually, Hark has knocked on 1695 doors, according to a release from the Hark campaign.

"I started knocking on doors regularly the first week of August," Hark said in a release Wednesday. “Since I have never run for office before, I was unsure what to expect. I learned quickly that residents care deeply about Inver Grove Heights and were happy to share their ideas or concerns about the city. I met so many nice people over the last two and half months that, win or lose, it has been a very positive experience.”

According to Hark, the best way to really understand what is going on in each neighborhood is to actually talk to people who live there. "Different neighborhoods have different concerns," Hark said. 

Hark said he also learned that many people are wondering why Inver Grove Heights does not have a dog park.

He also said that he's realized going house to house is the best way to find out what people are thinking and to engage in a meaningful respectful conversation—something not always possible using email.


For more information contact Paul Hark at paulhark2012@gmail.com or visit www.paulhark.com

Diane Baum October 25, 2012 at 01:13 PM
I look forward to the elections because I think its also time to bring in new voices for the best of IGH. I know that some of our council members have served us since forever, but with new voices come fresh perspective, something I think is sorely needed in IGH. Look at it this way...our city is a house that you come home to each day. After awhile, you see the same old things and because it is comfortable, you just don't see a need to change anything. Bring in a new vision and right away, someone says, "wow, what I can do that will make this place sparkle!" And it is done and in many cases, it is always for the better! Good luck to all who are in the running!!


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