New Partnership Offers Graduate Degrees at Inver Hills

"Both Inver Hills and Concordia (St. Paul) have extraordinary capacity to help students succeed, but what we can do very well alone we can do even better together," Concordia President Tom Ries said.

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and Concordia University-St. Paul announced a partnership Tuesday morning that will allow for graduate degree programs and expanded bachelor's degrees on the IGH campus. 

The agreement combines Inver Hills' associate degrees in Contemporary Business and Individualized Professional Studies with Concordia's Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management and Leadership and its Master's of Business Administration.

Similarly, students pursuing an associate degree in Accounting through Inver Hills can continue into Concordia's Bachelor of Arts in Accounting program on the Inver Hills campus.

"This is an extraordinary opportunity for Inver Hills students and anyone who wants to pursue an advanced degree," Inver Hills President Tim Wynes said. "For the first time in our college's history, students whose goal it is to earn an M.B.A. can complete that degree from start to finish, right on our campus."

Concordia President Tom Ries lauded the partnership as a way to maximize the core competencies of each school. 

"Both Inver Hills and Concordia have extraordinary capacity to help students succeed, but what we can do very well alone we can do even better together," Ries said. "We are thrilled to be entering this new phase of our longstanding partnership and are confident many lives will be changed through it."

Transfer between each of the connected programs is seamless. After completion of the associate degree program, students must apply to Concordia to be accepted into the bachelor's and graduate degree programs.

Also available on the Inver Hills campus is The College of St. Scholastica's Bachelor of Science in Social Work. The program has been offered there since Fall 2011 and provides a seamless transfer option from Inver Hills' Human Services associate degree program.


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